1. What is “Chesapeake Can Do”?

Chesapeake Can Do is a city-wide food drive during the month of October in the City of Chesapeake. Businesses, schools, religious organizations, service clubs, non-profit organizations and community groups can support this endeavor by collecting critically needed non-perishable food items for the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the pantries of Chesapeake.

2. What food items can I donate?

You can donate any type of non-perishable food that is not expired. Please do not donate anything packaged in glass. Please do not donate babyfood. A list of most- needed items can be found by clicking on the “Items to Donate” link.

3. Where can I drop off my collected food donations?

There are many drop-off locations for your convenience. Please click on the “Drop-off Locations” link for a full listing.

4. Can collected donations be picked up?

The Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia may pick up your donations at a time and day that is convenient for both parties if you collect more than 500 pounds. (to approximate this weight: One paper grocery bag filled with 15 items weighs approximately 15 pounds. Therefore, 500 pounds of food would roughly equate to 33 paper grocery bags of food.)

5. Can participants make a monetary donation?

If you wish to make a monetary donation, please make checks payable to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia (FBSEVA) or the Chesapeake pantry of your choice.